Josimar, from Total E&P do Brasil, puts his experience at the service of the environment

One of the principles that guide the daily work of Josimar, Health, Safety, Environment and Emergency Response Coordinator at Total E&P do Brasil, is making the company’s Exploration & Production operations ever more safe and efficient. A Chemical Engineer with more than 30 years of professional experience, he works together with industry partners in a strategic manner to optimize results, minimize possible impacts of our E&P activities as well as making it more sustainable and safe.

Protection and clean-up of the Brazilian coast

Josimar, together with representatives from the companies Statoil, BG Brasil and Queiroz Galvão, serves on the technical committee responsible for creating the project called Unified Shoreline Protection and Clean-up Project. Conceived in 2012 and officially launched in April 2014, the project aims to standardize the emergency response procedures used in the Individual Emergency Plans developed by E&P companies operating on the Brazilian shoreline.

“This pioneering project in Brazil has created a database with information on the 7,000 km of our shoreline. This mapping, which includes the participation of 19 operators of the E&P sector, will help us in the planning and management of an emergency response operation involving an oil spill, improving our safety guidelines,” he explains. In April 2016, the second and third phases of the project were concluded after the inclusion of coastal islands and the mapping of the fauna and vulnerable areas that should be prioritized in case of impact from accidental oil spills. Josimar and the industry partners have been working together since September 2012 to implement the many phases of the project, which already showed its effectiveness when used by the Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis (Ibama) to control Brazil's worst-ever mining disaster occurred in 2015.

In October 2016, during the Rio Oil & Gas, the Project was awarded with the Leopoldo Miguez prize, given by the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (IBP) in recognition to people who have significantly contributed to the development of the oil & gas industry.


Since starting his career at Total in 2003 at CCP Composites – one of Total's subsidiaries at the time, Josimar is proud to have been part of this and other projects that have contributed towards increasing the sustainability of Total’s activities. He believes that with commitment and teamwork, it is possible to innovate through the exchange of experiences within and outside the company, as well as those in the Brazilian Shoreline Protection Project. “The incentive to exchange knowledge with other professionals is what enriches my work at Total. Together we can go much further to make energy better,” affirms Josimar. 


"The incentive to exchange knowledge with other professionals is what enriches my work. Together we can go much further to make energy better."

Short Resume

  • 2012 to present

    HSE and Emergency Response Coordinator of Total E&P do Brasil

  • 2003-2012

    Industrial Director & HSE of CCP Composites

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