03/09/2015 - News

Total E&P do Brasil Announces its New General Manager

Total E&P do Brasil, the subsidiary of Total Group operating in the Brazilian oil and gas industry, has a new general manager. On March 9th, Mr. Denis Palluat de Besset was replaced in his position by Mr. Maxime Rabilloud.

Denis Palluat de Besset has held the position of general manager of Total E&P do Brasil since September 2010, also acting as the Total Group representative in the country. Under his leadership, Total E&P do Brasil has grown, built, and diversified its portfolio in Brazil, composed of 13 blocks with high potential - including a 20% stake in the Libra consortium, considered to be one of the largest oil fields in the world, and has structured a team with highly qualified professionals. Denis Palluat de Besset will return to France, where he will be responsible for Total’s Technology and Research Center, in the South of the country, which currently has 3,000 employees.

Maxime Rabilloud joined the Total Group in 1999, where he has already held various strategic positions in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, and Angola. The executive also led projects in the Middle East and in the United States. Rabilloud participated in the recent acquisitions of exploration blocks by Total in Brazil, during the 11th round and the auction of Libra, as representative of the area of New E&P Businesses of the Total Group.