03/02/2015 - News

Total inaugurates a new stage of the “Graffiti Pathway” project

On March 1st, the anniversary of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Total inaugurated the second stage of the “Caminho do Grafite” project (“Graffiti Pathway”). With the participation of around 30 of the so-called “New School” of Rio graffiti artists, new houses and walls of the community were revitalized by means of art. The first phase of the project was inaugurated in 2014.

With sponsorship of Total and the support of the Santa Prazeres Tour, the group of graffiti artists began the work on February 28th, transforming house walls and façades into murals. The work was concluded in the afternoon of March 1st, when the inauguration event took place, with the presence of the General Manager of Total E&P do Brasil, Denis Palluat de Besset.

The recognition of the success of the first stage and the desire of Total to continue with the actions that stimulate social-economic development in the areas where it operates were the main incentive behind the realization of the second phase of the project.

“In all the places where we operate, we engage ourselves with the communities and ensure that our actions generate economic, social and environmental benefits. That is what motivates the teams of Total throughout the world, every day,” says Denis Palluat de Besset.

Since October 2013, Total has been sponsoring several activities at Morro dos Prazeres. The João Tuteia square, one of the main meeting points of the local residents, which had already been revitalized, received more recreational apparatus. The spot has already gained gardens and a climbing wall.

The Graffiti Pathway has been very successful, not only because of the increase in the visits of tourists to Morro dos Prazeres, opening the way for commercial opportunities by means of tourism, but especially due to the increase in the self-respect of the residents. “This pride in being a part of that colorful and cheerful area has helped to develop attitudes of citizenship,” says the coordinator of the project and resident of the community, Charles Siqueira.

A partner of Total in the project, the Santa Prazeres Tour is an initiative dedicated to sustainable tourism in Morro dos Prazeres, maintained by guides from the community qualified to receive the visitors.

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