08/05/2016 - News

Total launches solar energy project in Rio de Janeiro

On Friday, August 5, Total launched its first solar energy project in Brazil with the presence of the French President, François Hollande. From now on, the Total Group, which operates in Brazil since 1975 in the segments of oil and gas, lubricants, chemicals and biofuels, will invest in this sustainable source in the country. Total is the second largest company of the world in the sector of photovoltaic solar energy.

The General Director of Total E&P do Brasil, Maxime Rabilloud, the President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), Denis Masseglia, and the President of the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation, Felipe Gomes, partners in the development of the project, also attended the ceremony alongside the French President, who uncovered a commemorative sign that symbolizes the commitment of Grupo Total in Brazil with the sustainability.

According to Maxime Rabilloud, the new project marks the inclusion of Grupo Total in the promising segment of national photovoltaic solar energy. "Our commitment to sustainability is increasing and, for the first time, we have invested in this power source in Brazil, because here there is a huge potential in this area. The historical moment that Brazil is living today by receiving the Olympic Games in Rio, contributed, by means of this partnership with the CNOSF and Equestrian Confederation, so we could leave a legacy to the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games," he says.

The project is a partnership between Total, the CNOSF and Brazilian Equestrian Confederation and has its opening scheduled for December this year. The project will provide a sustainable coverage, composed by 962 solar photovoltaic panels from Sunpower, a Total Group company, to the new paddock of the Equestrian Center, newly opened to receive the Club France, the home of France's Olympic Committee for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the public who visit the Club France may also benefit from the use of solar energy. There will be solar photovoltaic powered totems in different points of the Equestrian Center, in which visitors will recharge their cell phones, with fully sustainable energy.