06/09/2016 - Press release


Eyeing the sport's growth, Total, the Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu), and the Government of the State of Amapá will hold a series of unprecedented rugby events in Macapá (AP). In June 8, two groups of physical education teachers attended a training course about the sport to promote rugby among schools in the region.


Later on June 17, about 100 children and teenagers will carry out activities in rugby workshops under the coordination of teachers and players from the Brazilian Men's Rugby XV Team. The young people may also follow the training of the ‘Tupi’ - as the national team is called - and interact with the athletes after the dispute of the ‘Hemisphere Tournament’, between Brazil and Kenya, at the Zerão stadium whose field is divided by the North and South Hemispheres. 


Finally, on 18 June, the Amapa audience will watch a rugby demonstration in the mud, an adaptation of futlama, the typical sport of the region. The event will also have the participation of local players of the modality and the Guanabara Total Rugby athletes.


For further information, visit the official website of the Brazilian Rugby Confederation.

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