03/21/2014 - News

Total Sponsors a "Cultural Corridor" in Morro dos Prazeres

Art produced by 45 national and international artists has transformed houses and walls, while creating a new tourist trail leading to Campo da Colina, the community's highest point.

The Campo da Colina overlook on top of Morro dos Prazeres, which has one of the most spectacular views of the city, is now reached by a stunning path, whose walls and façades have been transformed into artworks by 45 national and international graffiti artists as part of a project ponsored by Total E&P do Brasil and carried out by Santa Prazeres Tour and Galera.com.

Part of a project sponsored by Total to restore and revitalize Morro dos Prazeres, the “Graffiti Path” will be delivered to residents on Saturday, March 22, at 4:30 p.m., by the company's Chief Executive Officer in Brazil, Denis Palluat de Besset.

The works were curated by guest graffitist Márcio SWK, who was born in Morro dos Prazeres and still lives there today. He invited accomplished professionals he has met during his 15-year experience, each of whom was responsible for one work. To foster graffiti's characteristic creativity and freedom, the artists were not given any previously agreed subject matter. They also selected the creative sites. With the delivery of works, residents and tourists alike will be able to appreciate graffiti along the path leading to the overlook.

"We want the improvements to have an impact on community life, on the actual environment and on the aesthetics of public spaces in the region," explained Mr. Palluat de Besset, who added that Total's initiatives in Morro dos Prazeres are focused on education. "What is being done with the Graffiti Path will boost the community's self-esteem and tourist activity, but the main objective of our project is to raise the inhabitants' awareness of themes such as environmental protection." For this purpose, educational initiatives are planned, such as workshops for the community's children and teenagers.

Recreational Area Restored

This is the second major project sponsored by Total in Morro dos Prazeres since October 2013. The company restored the João Tuteia Square, a recreational area that is one of the main meeting points for residents and has a spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro. Now, the square has gardens and a climbing wall, besides other improvements.

Total's partner in the project, Santa Prazeres Tour, is an initiative dedicated to sustainable tourism in Morro dos Prazeres and is maintained by community tourist guides trained to welcome visitors.