01/04/2017 - News

Total starts operational mobilization for oil exploratory research activity in the Foz do Amazonas Basin

This week Total E&P do Brasil received at Belém Port the first equipment that will be used in drilling activities which the company is expecting to carry out in the Foz do Amazonas Basin this year. The arrival of equipment is the kick-off for Total operational activity in the region.

Total is awaiting the issue of the environmental license from IBAMA – Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, the body in charge of licensing of the activity to start drilling the wells in the blocks the Company operates in the Foz do Amazonas Basin. The equipment received such as drilling pipes, drills and containers will be stored in Belém Port pending the issue of the license.

In December 2016, ANP – National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels approved the extension of the first exploration period of the five blocks operated by Total in the Foz do Amazonas Basin. The Company would have then other two years – up to 2020 to complete the first stage of drilling of oil exploration wells. Such longer period of time to assess in detail the data secured during the research is essential to increase the odds of exploratory success in the region.

About the Project

In May 2013, during the 11th Round of Bidding for Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas in Brazil organized by ANP, Total E&P do Brasil acquired the concession to carry out exploratory activities in Blocks FZA-M-57, FZA-M-86, FZA-M-88, FZA-M-125 and FZA-M-127 in the Foz do Amazonas Basin.
After such acquisition the Company filed for an environmental licensing proceeding at IBAMA for drilling up to nine wells in these blocks. The Environmental Impact Study (EIA) of the project and its respective Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) were submitted to IBAMA; during this assessment phase IBAMA issued technical opinions, three public hearings were conducted (in July 2016) and at the end of the process an opinion will be issued indicating whether or not the Project is environmentally feasible. If positive the environmental license permitting the start of activities will be issued.
Total is expecting to start the drilling activities in 2017; wells will be drilled in ultra-deep waters at water depth of more than 1.900, and at a distance between 120 and 188 km offshore the municipality of Oiapoque in the State of Amapá. The purpose of the activity is to identify the existence of oil and/or gas reserves in the block area. From the assessment of wells other future activities may occur in the area also subject to IBAMA environmental licensing.