Institute Lecca

Institute Lecca is a social institution created in 2003 with the purpose of investing in the education of children and young people from low-income families. Its main objective is to improve their lives through education by making them better citizens in the future.

Supporting the education of professionals of tomorrow

Total in Brazil initiated in 2015 a partnership with Institute Lecca supporting the Program Estrela Dalva (Dalva Star). Estrela Dalva supports the training of young people in Rio de Janeiro and encourages volunteerism among employees of the company. The program selects gifted children from low-income families, usually living in disadvantaged communities of Rio de Janeiro, and prepares them to join schools and public universities of excellence. Find out more about this partnership here.

Fiat Automóveis

Fiat Automóveis, a leading Brazil-based automotive manufacturer, is one of Hutchinson's largest customers. The partnership between the two companies has grown even more in the last four years with the supply of coolant hoses, precision molded parts, belts and sealing systems.

Co-Design Work

This partnership includes a co-design work through which the two companies work together to develop solutions to meet the specific needs of Fiat products.