Supporting the education of professionals of tomorrow

Being committed to better energy also means taking care of the communities surrounding our operations. A promising way of thinking about the future of our society is supporting the education and developing the talents of children and young people who will be professionals of tomorrow. To this end, Total in Brazil initiated in 2015 a partnership with the Program Estrela Dalva (Dalva Star) to support the training of young people in Rio de Janeiro and encourage volunteerism among employees of the company.

Academic and cultural development

Created in 2007, Program Estrela Dalva is an initiative carried out by the Institute Lecca¹ to develop learning and training of gifted children, supplementing their education. The program selects gifted children from low-income families, usually living in disadvantaged communities of Rio de Janeiro, and prepares them to join schools and public universities of excellence, such as Pedro II and CAP-UFRJ. The approval rating of the students to schools of excellence in the last seven years is greater than 80%. Over two years, they have the opportunity to develop academically and culturally, through a program of school completion classes, cultural tours, workshops, support for the entrance exams and various activities that complement the regular education. Since 2016, Total supports a class of 12 students of the Estrela Dalva.

Employees act as volunteers

Total also acts in the program through volunteerism. Employees are encouraged to offer workshops and lectures for children. So, young people can learn about the labor market, the career routine and exchange experiences with our employees. In 2015, the oil and gas sector was the subject of a workshop held in the Institute Lecca headquarters and students also visited Total Office in Rio, to know the routine and the organization of a large company. Through this encouragement of education, Total and Estrela Dalva are contributing to the formation of these young people as citizens and as future professionals.

1 – Institute Lecca is a social institution created in 2003 with the purpose of investing in the education of children and young people from low-income families. Its main objective is to improve their lives through education by making them better citizens in the future.



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