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Cássia, from Hutchinson, shares the values of the Total Group

Building a career of 25 years in a company involves determination and many challenges. Since the beginning of her career in Hutchinson - Total group's subsidiary, in the 1990s, Cássia closely followed the changes and the internationalization of the company, a leading manufacturer of rubber parts for the automotive industry. Today, she is the local and international purchasing manager at Hutchinson do Brasil, leading a team of 20 people. It is a young team, with the prospect of growing in the company, as Cássia had the opportunity to do. The support offered by Hutchinson for the training and development of employees is one of the major motivations of Cassia’s career, and an incentive that she seeks to share with everyone in her team.

A global view of the business thanks to experiences

For Cássia, working in a group with global presence - Hutchinson operates in more than 20 countries - is a unique opportunity for integration and exchange with colleagues from around the world. “In the seminars and trainings of which I participate, I can share experiences, understand the reality of each country and study improvements for the company. This gives us a global view of the business of Hutchinson,” she says. Cássia notes that competitiveness is in the company's DNA and therefore strategic areas such as Purchasing are always attentive to the processes innovation and cost optimization. The company is also committed to the sustainability of its operations, reconciling operational performance and socio environmental responsibility.

Highlighting Total’s values and commitments with the supply chain

One way to ensure a sustainable business is disseminating the company's values and commitment. Therefore, Quality and Purchasing teams of Hutchinson carry out an important work engagement of suppliers, which Cássia is proud to be part of. They evaluate the entire business service chain of providers and analyze safety, environment, working conditions and ethics requirements. Suppliers receive the Code of Conduct of the Total Group, and professionals of Hutchinson share with them the principles and values of the Group. “As Purchasing Manager, an area that relates directly to many suppliers, I can work confidently, as the ethical values of Total Group are strongly disseminated to vendors, customers and employees through transparent agreements which respect the rights and duties of the parties,” she states. Thus, Hutchinson maintains sustainable activities from manufacturing of the rubber to delivery of the final product, committed to the business principles of the Total Group.

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"The ethical values of Total group are strongly disseminated to vendors, customers and employees through transparent agreements which respect the rights and duties of the parties", Cássia.

Short resume


2013 to present

Purchasing Manager at Hutchinson do Brasil


2008 - 2013

Purchasing Coordinator at Hutchinson do Brasil


2006 - 2008

Purchasing Coordinator of the Extrema Plant (MG) at Hutchinson do Brasil


1995 - 2006

Raw materials buyer at Hutchinson do Brasil


1990 - 1995

Sales assistant at Hutchinson do Brasil