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07/06/2016 News

Total introduces rugby to Amapá with the ‘Hemispheres Cup’

The initiative reinforces the company's goal to contribute to the popularization of the Olympic sport among Brazilians and to encourage young talented people in the sport


After sponsoring the 'National Male Super Sevens Rugby Championship' held in March, Total – the fourth largest private oil & gas company in the world and one of the global energy industry leaders - takes up the successful partnership with the Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu) and sponsors the 'Hemispheres Cup' supported by the Amapá Government. The tournament that will bring together Brazil and Quenia will take place at Zerão stadium in the capital Macapa, on June 17, with free admission.  


According to the General Director of Total E&P in Brazil -  a subsidiary of Total that operates in the oil and gas national sector and is starting activities in the north of the country - Maxime Rabilloud, it is an excellent opportunity for the company to strengthen its commitment with the values of sport among Brazilians. "We are proud to support this unprecedented competition, spreading in Macapá the rugby culture, which preaches respect, discipline and solidarity, values that we practice in Total," he states.


For the very first time, Amapá will host a professional rugby competition. However, the unprecedented fact does not happen by chance. The state has a large number of native indigenous people and the nickname of the Brazilian team is a tribute to the first inhabitants of the country. Known as 'Tupi', the national team will also compete for the first time in a tournament that separates two countries by the Equator Line, in the folkloric Milton Corrêa stadium, the Zerão, where the field is divided between Northern and Southern Hemispheres – hence the name of the tournament.  


The 'Hemispheres Cup' will bring together two of the teams that are among the 40 best in the world. On one side, the Brazilian National Men's Team XV, with the top athletes of the country in the modality, returning to the Olympic Games in 2016 after a hiatus of 92 years. On the other side, the National team of Kenya, who beat Brazil in their last dispute in 2011. Before the match, the fans will watch a friendly match of sevens modality with the participation of Guanabara Total Rugby, current sevens rugby champion of Rio de Janeiro state which has been supported by Total since 2015 through the project 'We are better together'.