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28/07/2017 News

Total reinforces its bet on rugby as a means for social inclusion

For 3 years now, Total has been investing in the Brazilian rugby, believing in its potential of changing the future of children and young people living in needy communities of Rio de Janeiro. As a sponsor of the Guanabara Rugby Club since 2015, the company helps beginner athletes to build, through sport, a life story with more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This year, Total has expanded its sponsorship to the Club, now supporting all six community training centers, located in the neighborhoods Maré, Penha, Campo Grande, Curicica, Campo dos Afonsos and Urca. Young people start the training program when they are between 12 and 16 years of age, many of them coming from athletics, which ensures them a great performance also in court. Those who stand out are selected to the youth and adults teams and start to compete in regional and national championships.

Since the beginning of the project, more than 1,000 children and young adults have taken part in the activities. In 2017, 120 athletes are training regularly. When experiencing the culture of rugby, they learn to have more discipline and respect for each other, as well as better understand the meaning of values, such as solidarity and integrity. This experience helps them not only grow in the sport, but be better prepared to face challenges outside the court.

In very short time, the support to this initiative has been extremely positive. In addition to excellent teams’ results – like the youth male seven team, which remains unbeaten, the adult male seven team, which recently won the regional championship, and the female seven team, which currently leads the state circuit – four young athletes have joined the performance program of the Brazilian Rugby Confederation, in São Paulo, where they receive scholarships at a first-class private school. In this way, the sport becomes a starting point towards a more promising future for these young people.  

With the results achieved so far, Total renews its belief in the potential of rugby to boost opportunities and change the lives of hundreds of children and young people. With that partnership, Total reinforces its investment in sports and education as a means for the social development of Brazil.