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Innovation for lubricants

The demand for energy is increasing every year. As development occurs, with more people having access to energy and more cars circulating in the streets, it is more important than ever to combine mobility with energy efficiency in our daily routine. In this scenario, Total, which has innovation in its DNA, is seeking solutions to make energy better and to develop smarter and more sustainable products for consumers worldwide.

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    The car engine lubricants produced by Total are a proof of our innovative DNA
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    Our lubricants combine cutting-edge technology, quality and high performance for the customers

Partnerships in Research & Development

Technological developments in the production of new lubricants are possible due to Total’s partnerships in Research & Development (R&D) with the world's leading automobile manufacturers, such as Peugeot, Citroën, Renault, Kia and Nissan. “Through constant investment in R&D, we have developed lubricants that bring benefits to consumers and to the environment,” says Olivier Bellion, General Manager of Total Lubrificantes do Brasil.

More sustainable automotive lubricants

The lubricants produced by Total for car engines are a proof of Total’s innovative DNA. At the cutting-edge of innovation, the Quartz INEO line of lubricants, designed for lightweight vehicles, is the flagship product of the company’s portfolio.

Its composition meets the highest international standards, combining cutting-edge technology, quality and high performance. Quartz INEO MC3 5W-30 and Quartz INEO ECS 5W-30 lubricants, belonging to the Quartz line, have been manufactured in Brazil since 2012. They have four differentiating technologies that provide efficiency and lower environmental impact:

- Fuel Economy: makes the engine more efficient, requiring less fuel usage, and generating a saving of up to 5% in comparison with common lubricants;
- Low SAPS: low emission of pollutants, such as NOx and particulates;
- Long Drain: provides increased useful life of the oil, reducing the number of changes, generating product economy and less disposal of used oil;
- High HTHS: ensures protection against engine wear, as well as an optimal performance, even at high temperatures.

“The consumer uses a high performance product, reducing fuel consumption and the maintenance costs of his or her car, and is also helping to reduce the emission of pollutants,” says Olivier. That's why Total is constantly innovating and is committed to developing solutions which assist in constructing a responsible energy future.

Our local Projects

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Art brings self-esteem to a community in Rio de Janeiro

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Libra: the challenges of one of the largest discoveries of the Brazilian pre-salt

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Total supports Rugby in Brazil and encourages young talents

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Supporting the education of professionals of tomorrow