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Planeta Agua Bathes Kids in Sustainability

Planeta Água ("Water Planet") is an environmental education program for children introduced in 2007. From its modest beginnings, it has grown into a musical already performed before audiences of up to 2,000 schoolchildren, their families and residents in the Monte Alto region. Hutchinson, Total's subsidiary, supports this initiative which brings theatrical performances and environmental awareness to the locals.

    Storytelling: a way of awakening, from an early age, the respect for nature.
    Effective to convey important messages to adults and children while learning about the environment in a fun way.
    The “Planeta Água” Project reaches 2,700 children per year.
    In Monte Alto/SP, Project “Planeta Água” is helping to raise awareness of the environment and resource conservation.

Power to Transform

At a time when no one talked much about sustainability, the Planeta Água project was designed to express Total's values to the Monte Alto community. Starting with a partnership with a traveling theater troupe, Bellini Cultural, and enjoying tax incentives through the Rouanet Act the project grew, gaining support and backing from the network of municipal schools. Through playful theatrical performances, Planeta Água brings important messages for children on the preservation of natural resources, selective colletion, recycling and the importance of having positive attitudes towards the environment. 

Learning and Teaching 

Program participants spontaneously take home what they learn. Their parents respond by embracing new habits in their everyday lives, both at home and at work. This transforming power, which is one of the project's main benefits, shows that sustainability is best learned when young.

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